Satis is an author, a photographer, a musician. He has written sonnets and symphonies.

His debut novel, The Redemption of Erâth: Consolation, was published in 2014 to critical praise.
The sequel, Exile, was released in February this year, and the third installment will be released early 2017.



The world of Erâth was formed from the imaginations of a seven-year-old in 2011. It grew from a simple fantasy land to a world overrun by Darkness—a world in desperate need of saving.


Darkness is inherent to Erâth, as it is to the human soul. It is elemental to the nature of the world, and manifests itself in the shadow of the land, and the despair of its people.


Even in the darkest of hearts and in the deepest despair, there remains a glimmer of hope: that one day, Light might shine forth and lead us to redemption, and to peace.

A world of oceans and mountains, of men and demons. A world of Darkness.

The world of Erâth, whose oceans fall to the unknown at its edges, has been drowned in Darkness for such an age that none live who can remember the time of Light, of the Ancients.

Only one land, Thaeìn, remains undefeated, and even here, the last kingdoms of men are failing; dreams are forgotten, love is lost, and all hope is gone.

Darkness resides in us all. It surrounds us and defines us—without Darkness there cannot be Light.

The Redemption of Erâth is story filled with Darkness and despair. But more than that, it shows that Darkness itself is a natural part of life; that as much as it can tear us down, it can also give us the strength to resist—to fight back against despair, and claw our way back to the Light.


Depression & Despair

Since childhood, Satis has fought against crippling depression. Despair is often an unwelcome guest, and some days he struggles to get out of bed.

Little Satis

The Redemption of Erâth was written, ultimately, to teach his son, Little Satis, about the ravages of depression—and the strength it takes to endure.

We all need redemption—if only from ourselves.

Guilt. Grief. Loathing. Despair. Our demons haunt us to the end of our days.

If The Redemption of Erâth is about Darkness and despair, it is also about salvation—the realization that we need not be doomed. The strength to resist, the power to fight back and the courage to stand: these are in our hands, should we choose.